According to Forebears there are 16 Bratuseks in The United States. That makes it the 2,749,785th most common surname in the world with a frequency of 1:2,248,377 in Texas.

My great-grandfather brought his last name to The United States in the early 1900’s from Yugoslavia and then left back to his homeland after having 2 children, George and Joan.  His name was George Michael.  He was born in 1891 and returned to Yugoslavia after becoming a naturalized citizen.  I would love to hear from anyone that knows more. 

Joan was George’s younger sister.  She married into the Fox family.

I need to find some good photos of Joan and her husband Clay.  

George Bratusek married Marcia Howe in a joint wedding with her twin sister, Marcile Howe and Bob Harrison.  They met during the USO and my grandfather, George, had a cast on his arm right before the wedding.  As my grandma will tell it, he soaked his cast and took it off because he did not want to wear it for his wedding.  They are the couple on the right in the wedding photo.

The second photo was taken on their 50th wedding anniversary.

George, my grandfather, passed away in 1999.  He is buried at the Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery.

At first, they believed they could not have children and adopted Emmett in San Antonio, Texas and later adopted Tammy from Greece.  Troy was their first born, then came Carey and Nancy.

Emmett lives in New Mexico and is working on a novel.

Tammy married Clinton and had a son named George Baermann.  They later separated and she continues to carry the Bratusek last name.  Tammy lives in Tyler, TX and makes hot sauces and jellies.

Troy married Lynn, his high school sweet heart, after they both graduated college.

They had two daughters; Kelly and Michelle

Kelly and Michelle have both married, which leaves us with 2 less Bratuseks in The United States.

Kelly got married in Albuquerque, NM.  

Michelle got married in San Antonio, TX. 

Carey married Vicki and had Jenepher and Brian.  They later separated. Carey owns a pest control company in Canyon Lake, Texas.

Jenepher lives near San Marcos, TX and I.T.

Brian is planning on going back to school to become a sound engineer.  

Since I have created this site, the number of reported Bratusek’s in the US has declined by one according to Forebears. however, it is still inaccuate unless there is something I don’t know and public records can not confirm – but I am quite certain that Emmett was the only Bratusek in Arizona in 2014.  The other 14 are listed below – excluding him.  The site originally reported a total of 17.  

Late Bratuseks: George Michael, George, Joan

Current Bratuseks: Marcia, Emmett, Tammy, Troy, Lynn, Carey, Jenepher, Brian

Past Bratuseks: Nancy, Vicki, Kelly, Michelle

Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe there are only 8 Bratuseks left in the United States.